Wooden classic – Ekskluzywne meble na wymiar

Wooden classic

Wooden classic

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The fashion for wooden or wood-like wall coverings is back. Customers choose this interior arrangement more often - and rightly so. This type of building is not only a vintage solution for the brave, but also practical considerations. The most often painted walls of such rooms are usually damaged or soiled during everyday, ordinary use. Thanks to such buildings, constant renovations in this part of the apartment are avoided. Elegant facing of the entrance door to individual rooms with wall cladding is the basic advantage of this arrangement. In addition, the symmetrical arrangement of the wood grain is a refined decorative element, which is a value in itself. But there are also modern elements that slightly break the uniform character of the whole. The door uses unusual, round ventilators, simultaneously fulfilling the passage to the owners' cats, and black door handles that give the interior a unique, individual charm. But it is not everything. Behind part of the wall panels is a hidden wardrobe, the door of which is opened thanks to a handleless system. All this to make the interior really impressive.

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